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Customized Packaging & Display Solution More Than 12 Years

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About Our Company

Packidea is a manufacturing and trading combo,produce and export custom packaging and displays for 12 years. We have professional design team and experienced manufacturing department that help you build stronger brand's image and reputation.Our team will offer customized solution form design to packaging to merchandising display.Packidea is ready to provide solution from beginning and displays. So our purpose is simple:provide customer the options and formats that make their product line stand apart and capture the cart.

Our professional team

We have a positive, loving family in cluding overseas sales department, domestic sales department, design department, after-sales department, operation Department, administration department, and so on.


High Quality Material & Fittings

All of our products are use environmentally friendly paint,no special smell,especially adopted,innovative microporous purification technology to effectively decompose the formaldehyde in the air.And all of them are used piano finish,rub wear resistance, good mildew resistance,lasting bright as new.

Workmanship & Packaging

Wooden box workmanship

Display cabinet workmanship